Tips For Moving Home

Friday 16th November 2018

Move On Up – A Few Tips For Moving Home

It’s commonly acknowledged that moving home is right up there with one of our most stressful life events. Emotions are usually all over the place with people experiencing panic, excitement, frustration and more. Does it have to be this way? No!

Fortunately, there are ways to make the whole process a lot easier which is why our team at Suremove UK Removals Altrincham are on hand to offer you a few tips for moving home.

Take Stock, De-clutter

Let’s face it, most of us acquire stuff we don’t need and what better time to have a clear out than when moving home. Ask yourself, do those curtain poles you love so much fit the new windows? do you still need your old pet baskets? Do the old chest of drawers in the back bedroom really need to come with you? You will be amazed at things you no longer need that if dealt with properly, can ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Take stock of items big and small and be ruthless! Give to charity shops, family and friends. You’ll also know that your unwanted belongings have gone to a good home and helped somebody.

Make some quick cash – social media like Facebook makes this easier than ever with the local sale and swap groups. You can advertise stuff from the comfort of your living room with nothing more than your smartphone. For a bargain or a freebie, people will come to you.

Have to move out before you can move in? A proper self-storage solution keeps prized possessions safe, dry, properly insured and together in one spot; ready for when you are. Some removal firms like Suremove UK even have great and convenient partnerships with competitive self-storage providers – saving you money and effort. Our partnership is with the safe, secure and affordable Smart Storage. Check Smart Storage for more info (don’t forget to mention Suremove UK tho).

Plan Early – Work Easy

If you’ve never done this, there will be a multitude of things you have never considered, things that will help you avoid the most common mistakes such as;

Arranging your utilities, broadband or TV services for the new address?
Using up your fridge and freezer food?
Redirecting newspaper or magazine subscriptions?
Informing your window cleaner or milkman?
Getting your pets (or even small children!) looked after on the day?
Getting rid of fuel in your petrol lawnmower or making sure that your fridge is fully defrosted!

As you can see there is so much to remember – and so much to forget!

Plan thoroughly and early, to start a few weeks before your move. Break everything into bite-size chunks with a clear deadline for the end of each week. This stops you getting overwhelmed and ensures you don’t forget anything important on the day.
Don’t forget, Suremove UK has years of know-how. Talk to the experts for a simple and hassle-free service.

Packing and boxing

It’s an important part of the move and also a part it’s easy to get wrong.

The obvious thing to do is to just start cramming things in boxes. Don’t! Think about what belongs in each room and keep it together. Clearly label your boxes so you and your movers know where they go when you arrive. In a van or lorry, boxes can be stacked high – so label the sides of the boxes, not just the top. Invest in a big marker pen!

Keep things that belong in the same cupboard together. Plates are much easier to pull from boxes if they are slotted sideways – think of a DJ’s record case. They are also less likely to break like this. Use plenty of bubble-wrap for breakable. You can also pad your kitchenware with your tea towels – it all goes to the same place. Pack socks in your drawers!

Many smaller boxes are better than fewer larger ones. Are you a bit of a bookworm? You would be surprised at how heavy a box of books is; not only is it hard to lift, but the box is likely to split and send them tumbling too. Split items like this into smaller boxes that one person can carry.

Getting the materials to box things is yet another task in itself, so why not let your removal firm take this headache away? They can provide a range of the materials you need as part of your package.

Moving on…

We’re sure these tips will go some way to how to make your move something to look forward to like it should be.
One last tip though – moving will be hungry and thirsty work. We strongly recommend packing an emergency kitchen kit. Some sandwiches, pre-made, a kettle, a small carton of milk, some tea bags and a jar of coffee. You know the drill!

Should you have any questions regarding our removals services, self-storage options or simply wish to speak with a member of the Suremove UK team, please contact us today on 0161 870 3669.

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